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Some Are Born Into The Endless Night

the postrock fourpiece "Watered" has left the studio...

Catch a glimpse of how the recordings of the upcoming album "Some Are Born Into The Endless Night" went and very soon you'll hear the full result.

Stay tuned, stay amped and maybe visit them on facebook.


Whipping the year back & forth

MINI-LIVESET by DaFake Panda

recorded in his basement here's a nice & free 30min set by Glitch / Dubstep / Breakcore producer Antoinn Marroncles aka DaFake Panda.

It features a couple of cuts including some tracks from his latest album "Sociopath".

In case you want more, there's also a playful Aphex Twin Cover on his soundcloud.


Hey boys and girls, 

just to drop a few words: 2013 was by far our most intense year. New musicians, many releases, many shows. It was an exciting year, it was a good year.
Now it's on us to make the one that's ahead even better. So here's what we know for sure by now what will happen...


[ B O L T ]

the drone-duo has just released this enourmous collaboration on Midira Records. And again they are writing new slow, foggy anthems that are supposed to culminate in an album release in 2014.


studiotime again. The masked one is also busy creating new tunes for an album.


already booked for numerous shows the quartet is working hard to deliver an album


Watered are an instrumental post rock outfit from Germany. Great music. Period. So we're happy that they chose us to release their upcoming album.

UTOPIA:BANISHED / N & [ B O L T ] Tour *presented by Pretty in Noise

Both acts had their latest release in late 2013 and now the collaboration between N & [ B O L T ] and UTOPIA:BANISHED will hit the road in March.

Here are the dates and please notice that we do welcome anyone who comes up with bookings and hints to help us get rid of the TBAs.

March 13 | Duisburg, DJÄZZ

March 14 | TBA

March 15 | Solingen, Waldmeister

March 16 | TBA

March 17 | TBA

March 18 | Dortmund, Blackplastic

March 19 | Garding, Dat Kontor

March 20 | Kiel, Spiral of Noise Festival

March 21 | TBA

March 22 | Oberhausen, Druckluft


The 2nd EP of the german Ex-Industrial rock outfit reaching for a more organic & flowing sound.

The precision of progressive rock, the stoicism of industrial unexpectedly combined with the raw “fuck you” attitude of punk topped off with a lyrical deepness and purity, one has to search for at this day and age, making utopia:banished on the one hand hard to describe but on the other hand the reason they stand out of the uniformity of bands found in those genres today.&nb


This debut is a thrill ride across the shores of Breakcore, Dubstep and freeform music.

DaFake Panda is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer and free-jazz drummer from Paris, France. He declares his style to be an experimental, dadaistic and glitchy approach to the conventionally accepted music-genres such as dubstep and breakcore.

His debut "SOCIOPATH" lures you in with some beautifully calm melodies. Just to hit you in the face with a baseball bat when you least expect it. 

Unafraid to leave the boundaries of his genre he samples everything he gets his hands on. During your listening session you keep on trying to put your finger on what kind of instrument he is currently using and as soon as you think you have it, it disappears somewhere between break core drums and a stomach wrangling low-frequency bass. This conglomerate of audio fragments is enriched by vocals, pleasant guitar riffs and melodies that remind you of scraps of forgotten memories. Imagine standing in a gloomy and eerie cellar hearing someone play old chansons through a gramophone a couple of stories up. 

The music of dafake panda presents itself as an audio-chemical solution with a thick and dark texture. An earcandy for fans of musicians like Igorrr, Broken Note and everyone who's brave enough to add a fresh attempt to a genre at the risk repeating itself.

get your copy here

Dub's fucking dead

It's never easy to be the bearer of bad news...

But after almost a dozen years, four great albums and uncountable live shows our good friends of Guns of Brixton have decided to go seperate ways.

Their latest record "Inlandsis" was nothing less than a landmark for us as a label and we're very proud that we had the ability to walk a few steps on their way at their side.

But before Guns of Brixton wave "Good bye" they'll play a couple of farewell shows. The last time to catch them as the furious live band they are.

04th of October - Saumur
05th of October - Bordeaux
12th of October - L'Aigle

All the best to you guys & thank you for your unspeakable talent & enthusiasm. 


The notorious what-do-you-call-it band UTOPIA:BANISHED gives the one track from their upcoming EP "That's why everything burns" to the public via soundcloud, free to hear, judge, download and spread.